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Ep.33: Are you ready to be a Parent?

April 24, 2018

“Parenting isn’t for the faint of heart” is something we heard a while ago before we actually became parents. At first, it scared us away as if parenting was some kind of chore or drudgery that we didn’t want to embark on. But as we listened and watched friends embark on the journey, we soon realized it wasn’t any of that. In fact, it IS a wonderful journey. Like any journey it has highs and lows, but the beauty of it all is the adventure that you get to participate in as a couple together.

So, today on the podcast we address that one question, “Are you ready to become parents?” Maybe you’ve talked about it before. Maybe you’ve been avoiding the subject. Where ever you are on the spectrum, we share what our experience has been like and share some questions you may want to ask together. Tune in and join the conversation @millennialml.

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